Custom DevOps

Wrangling iOS build scripts and optimizing server infrastructure scripts: I enjoy both of these. If it can be automated with a script, it probably should. Scripting as much as possible increases confidence in important processes such as publishing to the App Store or disaster recovery. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or familiarity to develop bullet-proof scripts. Contracting a DevOps consultant such as myself can propel your project forward.

Server infrastructure toolbox


Docker is a format for packing apps into standardized containers. Standardized and lightweight containers enables new workflows for codesharing, quality testing, and dev enviroments. Docker shines in production enviroments when combined with an orchestration layer such as Kubernetes.

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Terraform is a declarative tool for managing infrastructure. And it's a gamechanger. It has eclipsed Ansible in my workflows. It also enables reuse with its modules feature. I even have a merged pull request to DigitalOcean's Terraform Provider.

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After declaring infra with Terraform and packing apps with Docker, Kubernetes is the declarative glue between the two. I've been running Kubernetes in production for Underway since 2018. My preferred ingress controller is Contour.

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