I can build your app

As a freelancer, I can build your app from concept to launch. If a server is needed, I can build that as well.

We'll work together to bring your dream app to life. Every week, I'll send you the latest build of your app so you can see progress. No waiting for long periods, wondering what's happening. And as you hold your app in your hands, you'll have a better idea of which direction to go with your app.

I can augment your team

If you have an iOS team already, I can join your team on-site in New York City to contribute to your app as a contractor. I will work with your process and code in your codestyle. I have plenty of experience working with code developed by others. I can maintain your existing applications and add missing features.

I can teach you iOS

Building software is fun! I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to teach the basics of programming or advanced iOS.


Dan Cogan-Drew, CPO at Newsela

"Daniel got along very well with our team and did meaningful work towards helping us to complete our app."

Cliff Hazelton, CTO at Stash Invest

"Dan is a dependable employee and a hard worker. During his time at Stash, he has delivered quality code as a member of the iOS team. He has worked seamlessly on a number of high-value epics and features while delivering in a timely fashion. He was involved in a number of projects, including a complete re-write of our iOS mobile app using the VIPER pattern. More recently, Dan has worked as an iOS engineer on our Growth team. He works closely with the Stash Marketing department and his experience as a senior engineer has allowed the team to move quickly while producing quality software with high test coverage."

About Me


Real Time Subway Arrivals for New York City. Download it on the App Store!


Over 12 years of diverse experience. From Python to Angular to Java. Rails and RubyMotion. Swift and Objective-C. Server-side Swift, Docker and Kubernetes.

iOS Dev Thoughts

My blog of short notes on iOS Development.


I'd love to hear from you.