iOS Apps Development

Building iOS apps is my specialty. I can work with your designer or recommend someone from my network.


I have quite a bit of experience working with code developed by others. I can maintain your existing applications and add missing features.

Learn iOS

Building software is fun! I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to teach the basics of programming or advanced iOS.

About Me

New York City

I can work with you on site in New York City, or remotely.

9 years diverse experience

From Python to Angular to Java. Rails and RubyMotion. Swift and Objective-C. My résumé shows my professional history.

I have a hammer, but not everything is a nail.

If I can't help you directly, I'll make an introduction through my network of designers and software professionals.


iOS Dev Thoughts

My blog of short notes on iOS Development.


Realtime subway times for New York City. Download it on the App Store!


Inquires to daniel at danramteke dot com