Custom web development
A website and a webserver often play an important role in a complete app. I've got you covered here. VueJS is my preferred frontend framework, and I'm flexible if your team is already using React, Alpine, or Svelte.

Web toolbox

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is a fresh take on CSS tooling. It's utilty-first and modular out-of-the box. It's also customizable for managing themes across web properties. This website and both use Tailwind CSS.

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Astro is a relatively new static site generator. It pre-renders static React and Vue components for a fast web experience. It uses JSX style components to manage layouts and re-usable components. This website and are both built using Astro.

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Vapor is a webapp framework written on Swift, and built on top on non-blocking IO for lightning speed. Underway's server relies on Vapor, not only as a webserver, but also for background workers to fetch & transform data from the MTA.

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