Daniel Ramteke
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A role that combines my creativity, my leadership, and my expertise.

In addition, the role should include pair programming, mentorship opportunities, incremental architecture, test-driven design, refactoring, and CI/CD.

Press coverage

Publications highlighting my work

  • iOS Dev Weekly

    I’m linking to this app from Daniel Ramteke for several reasons. First, it’s an excellent (and free) way to play with the various haptic parameters to get precisely the desired effect. Secondly, Daniel streamed the entire development of this app on his Twitch channel and uploaded all 13 session recordings to YouTube.

  • Viewing NYC

    Enter Underway NYC, a new iOS App that removes all the extra features and bloat of the transit apps and simply shows you how many minutes it is until the next train at your station.

  • Brokelyn

    In addition to the MTA's online Subway Times, which offers the current arrival times by line and station and is accessible from the internet even beyond the subway's hallowed platforms, Underway NYC now offers the same information but in app form and plotted to a subway map.

  • MakeSpace

    Let's face it: Google Maps can only get you so far. … Made specifically with busy New Yorkers in mind, it's an all-in-one commute compendium.

  • Brick Underground

    Should you use it? If you just want to know when the next train is arriving, but don't need step-by-step navigation.

Active projects

  • FullQueueDeveloper Daily creative narrated programming live stream on Twitch.
  • Underway NYC Real-time data to make decisions while on the way. Underway NYC is for the here and now underground. For iOS and Android.
  • Sh The best way to run shell commands from Swift


  • Dan Cogan-Drew, CPO at Newsela

    Daniel got along very well with our team and did meaningful work towards helping us to complete our app.

  • Cliff Hazelton, CTO at Stash

    Dan is a dependable employee and a hard worker. During his time at Stash, he has delivered quality code as a member of the iOS team. He has worked seamlessly on a number of high-value epics and features while delivering in a timely fashion. He was involved in a number of projects, including a complete re-write of our iOS mobile app using the VIPER pattern. More recently, Dan has worked as an iOS engineer on our Growth team. He works closely with the Stash Marketing department and his experience as a senior engineer has allowed the team to move quickly while producing quality software with high test coverage.

  • Shane Donaway, GrowFlow

    5 stars, would contract again. I needed something. You gave it to me for a good price. I am happy. Successful project.


  • ian.j.mck, December 27, 2021

    Underway is marvelous. It is the navigation app that I use most consistently on the train, and for good reason. It has exactly the information I need and nothing more, and it executes it perfectly. I know how to read a map. I don’t need colorful directions and an inventive new route that combines ferries, buses, and a dollar van. I want to know when I need to leave my apartment and if it’s worth it to wait for an express train. Underway gets me the information I want and it does it without drama. It also has lots of very thoughtful touches. It works very well offline, and I like that I can send a train tracking link to people I’m meeting so that they can track me live. It’s like flight tracking but for the subway. For all its utility and minimalism, Underway also betrays the meticulousness of its creators. Changes to the subway map are added right away — the walking connection between Times Square and Bryant Park seemed to appear within hours after it opened. Everything works how I need it to, when I need it to. The only thing that might need some more nuanced adjustment is the service change interface, which shows absolutely everything affecting a train at once and can be a touch overwhelming. Other apps do service changes, though. Nothing does what Underway does as well as Underway does it. I haven’t even written an app review in years. I just feel I have a duty to point out the rare thing in our world that is not a disgusting disappointment. This is among them. Bravo!


  • Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, Xcode, VIPER
  • Unit testing, UI testing,
  • Vapor, GRDB, XcodeGen
  • Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Redis, Postgres, MySQL
  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Astro
  • Kotlin
  • Git, CI/CD
  • Figma, PaintCode, Inkscape, ImageMagick, ffmpeg
  • HEIC, PNG, WebP, H264


  • WeThink
    Freelancer, July 2022 - Present
    • Inherited partially complete iOS, Android and node web app

    • Hired specialists across the globe and managed the project to launch

  • Full Queue Developer
    Live stream on Twitch, April 2022 - Present
    • Featured in iOS Dev Weekly!

    • Built Haptics Studio using SwiftUI, which helps you discover the perfect customized haptics for your app

    • Answer viewers’ programming questions

  • TopTal
    • Designed iPhone app to instantly book technicians to fix home maintenance issues

    • Streamlined onboarding flow with camera

    • Prototyped in SwiftUI and Sketch

  • Daring Bit Assembly
    Consultant, February 2022 - March 2022
    • Aided in their client project by porting open source framework away from Realm to GRDB.

    • Objective-C interacting with new Swift code.

    • Worked quickly to meet their client’s deadline, updating frequently

  • Stash
    Full-time employee, January 2020 - November 2021
    • Tech-lead for a referral rewards program across backend, web, Android, and iOS

    • Mentored colleagues learning to develop on iOS.

    • Experimental social financial site at crew.stash.com using React & Ruby on Rails

    • Converted monolithic services to microservices, using Ruby on Rails, Kafka, HTML/CSS and Docker

    • iOS developr ependency management using Mint, Cocoapods, & Xcodegen

    • Native iOS screens and architecture for onboarding overhaul

    • Interviewed candidates for senior roles

  • GrowFlow
    Consultant, August 2019 - September 2019
    • Embedded GrowFlow’s existing webapp into a WKWebView with native login screen

    • Coordinated on-device capabilities such as BlueTooth and local storage to enable their React webapp to connect and reconnect to receipt and label printers.

    • Integrated native Zebra and Star Micronics SDKs to print over BlueTooth, USB, and WiFi from iPad.

    • Converted PDFs to native CoreGraphics bitmaps to print receipts and package labels

  • Stash
    Consultant, September 2018 - April 2019
    • Took ownership of investigating a launch bug that involved AppsFlyer and concurrent threads which resulted in potential 10 second launch times. The fix I architected and implemented resulted in a ~10% increase in registrations.

    • Braze, Mixpanel, Apptimize, AppsFlyer, and Branch integrations.

    • Migrated from Branch to AppsFlyer

  • CoinMarketCap
    Freelancer, August 2017 - August 2018
    • Built first iOS app according to the provided designs.

    • Implemented currency conversion and currency formatting.

  • Stash
    Consultant, July 2017 - October 2017
    • Massive iOS app rewrite from Objective-C with MVC architecture to Swift with VIPER architecture with improved testability.

    • Coordinated across with development and business teams to codify the rules around purchase logic, implementing them in Fitnesse tests.

  • Pascal Dangin
    Freelancer, August 2016 - May 2017
    • Added usuability features to existing Objective-C camera app

    • Migration off Parse to new vendor due to Parse end-of-life

  • Sifftr
    Freelancer, February 2016 - December 2017
    • Led team of two designers, two developers to build iOS app using Swift

    • Integrated the Twitter SDK.

  • Showdown!
    Freelancer, May 2014 - February 2017
    • Led team of one developer and one designer

    • Used Swift and Rails to help design and deliver a contest-driven photo sharing app.

    • Maintained the original RubyMotion version of the app

    • Migrated the app to Swift from RubyMotion

    Freelancer, August 2015 - December 2015
    • Used Parse and Objective-C to help deliver UI improvements and a new feature: daily fantasy.

    • Users of the app loved the changes!

  • Newsela
    Consultant, February 2015 - June 2015
    • Used Swift and UIKit to create the first version of their iOS app

    • Worked with their in-house design and backend teams, as well as their newly-hired iOS engineer.

  • Blinkbuggy
    Freelance iOS Developer, February 2014 - June 2014
    • Used Objective-C and Rails to further improve their app

  • Cyrus Innovation LLC.
    Senior Agile Developer, July 2007 - February 2014
    • Built an internal mailing list server in Python, Cyrus Lists, allowing co-workers to self-manage mailing list subscriptions, before Slack was popular.

    • Launched a Planning Poker iPhone app on the App Store.

    • Launched I’m Late iPhone app using RubyMotion.

    • Engaged in hiring process, interviewing, and reviewing code tests

    • Full client project list to come

  • Peter Russo Design
    Cyrus Innovation, Summer 2013 - Fall 2013
    • Used CoreBluetooth, MapKit, and RubyMotion to deliver an iPhone app to control mechanical components for a prototype automobile project.

  • BazaarVoice
    Cyrus Innovation, Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
    • Used AngularJS, Dropwizard, Elastic Search, and AWS automation to deliver internal tools

  • For the Makers
    Cyrus Innovation, Summer 2012
    • Contributed to a small ecommerce website using Ruby on Rails

  • Make Love Not Porn
    Cyrus Innovation, Summer 2012
    • Used Ruby and Rails to help with video encoding and admin pages

  • Simon and Schuster
    Cyrus Innovation, Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
    • Delivered features as an integrated member of their Ruby on Rails development team. Features include new search results page, typeahead search, and PowerReviews integration.

  • TheLadders
    Cyrus Innovation, Spring, Summer 2011
    • Added features and fixed bugs for their marketing-focused CMS using Java

  • Federal Reserve Bank of NY
    Cyrus Innovation, Winter 2011
    • Developed a document sharing platform in JRuby on Rails, in addition to other maintenance and bug fixes

  • Boston Capital (Lexingon Solutions)
    Cyrus Innovation, Spring 2009 - 2010
    • Built their core asset management system using Webwork, Hibernate, Tomcat, and Pico.

    • Migrated new client databases into Fusion.

    • Setup a VMware TeamCity continuous integration instance.

  • ICorrect.com
    Cyrus Innovation, Summer 2008
    • Used Ruby, Rails, Rspec, Selenium, and MySql to build a custom CMS.

  • Kaplan Test Prep
    Cyrus Innovation, Summer 2007 - Winter 2009
    • Aided in Agile conversion as an embedded team.

    • Built out their revenue recognition system and their drop shipping system using SpringMVC, Hibernate, Selenium, Dojo, and Fit.

    • Maintained their legacy CSR apps.



  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (Autumn 2000 - Spring 2007)
    M.S. & B.S., Computer Science. Minor in Music
    • Musical notation app with MIDI playback. Concepted the app. Designed the UX. Gathered and guided team of four from concept to delivery. Built using Java Swing.