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Kubernetes without Load Balancers with Contour

For small projects, when the cost of a load balancer can cost as much as a smaller node, a load balancer can feel like overkill. I would prefer to have another compute node instead! But I still want the other benefits of Kubernetes. This is the work around I’ve done on for DigitalOcean (referral link)’s Kubernetes aka DOKS.

Single node

Start with the raw Contour yaml available from their GitHub: v1.22.1/…/contour.yaml then search for a Service with name: envoy,

For the Service, change the type from LoadBalancer to NodePort.

If you only have one node, you’re done! You can point your DigitalOcean (referral link) ReservedIP to this node.

More than one node

If you have more than one Node, I use a nodeSelector and a label to specify an “edge” node.

Find a DaemonSet with name: envoy, add a nodeSelector key to the spec.template.spec dictionary. It will be a sibling of the containers key. It could look like this:

  # …
    # …
        node-role: edge
      # …

Then, looking at your cluster, find the Node you want to use as the edge node. And run something like this kubectl label node $edgeNodeName node-role=edge --overwrite

You can now point your DigitalOcean (referral link) ReservedIP to this node.


Now you can apply your modified contour.yaml! Now you have a nice Ingress controller with nice features. You can spend your budget on compute instead of a load balancer.


This is a more brittle setup for sure. If DigitalOcean (referral link) ever recreates your cluster for you, they will usually create a Load Balancer for you. Just remember to delete it.

Also, this setup can’t really do in-place upgrades. So instead, when you need to upgrade your Kubernetes version, setup a second cluster with your apps, swap your ReservedIP to that cluster, then delete your old one.

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